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No, they do not. Our goal over the course of working with our clients is to ensure timeless designs that are truly original, meet their vision, and are completed to our expectations. Each project is uniquely curated and designed for our clients, we never create the same design twice!

In order to offer this type of service, we have grown amazing relationships with trusted local vendors and furnishing vendors that sell everything highly customizable. Between our downtown studio and our more than 150+ vendors we are valuable to our vendors and make us great contenders in the market to ensure we get the best pricing possible!

From cabinetry, to lighting, plumbing fixtures, window treatments, art, tile, area rugs, bedding, and accessories, we have the ability to provide less than retail pricing to our clients to help their investment stretch further than if they shopped on their own.

We look at the scope of your project and work with your budget to determine what selections we’ll be procuring and that helps us keep our fees lower, support local small businesses, and keep your investment dollars where they should be (in your project to selections you fall in love with)!

Do your fees include materials?

It’s impossible to know until we meet and have a clear understanding of your project scope, time of year, and what the market is doing. Depending on the project scope this could lay heavily in the contractors hands with their ability to start the project.

How long is your typical process?

We love working with contractors, and any contractor you would prefer to work with. The contractors we will refer to your project are deeply vetted, execute the project well from start to finish, and are properly licensed, insured, and bonded. If we are working with your contractor, and we have not worked together previously we will want to sit down with them in the beginning to make sure they’re open to good communication, and willing to collaborate! It takes a village, as they say, and the only way for us to fulfill the promises we make to our clients is if everyone involved is willing to work as a team.

Hiring an experienced, open-minded, passionate, and knowledgeable team is so important to make your dream vision a reality. This is why we are very specific with the contractors we have in our close sphere and why we have an extensive vetting program for any contractor bidding on our projects.

When it comes to subcontractors, the general contractor on the project will hire them directly under their contract with you. The state of California is very strict about this. There are a few select contractors we can and will hire for your project due to the nature of the specifics: custom cabinetry, wallpaper installation, and window treatment installation. Because of the amount of details within each of those pieces, and our partners in these trades know how to interpret and execute our drawings, as well as understand the finish details we expect on our projects, it’s imperative for the final installed product that we manage these.


It depends on your project. If you’re working from home, schooling from home, and the construction will directly impact your ability to live your life, then we will want to discuss and help you plan.

Do we have to move out during our project?

There is no main tried or true method for determining rates for a project and how to charge. However, on a typical kitchen or bath you can expect a minimum of $10,000 to $17,000 for the design fees from design start to the completion of the construction portion of the project (plans, selections, drawings, 3D renderings, specifications, and project implementation).

For other rooms in the home we really like to assess these on a project by project basis due to the amount of variables, scope of the work, and sizes of the projects.

We charge on a fixed fee basis for all our projects. This is from the start of design through the completion of the construction portion of the project. We specifically work this way to become closer with our clients, have more freedom for great communication, and to get the financial part out of the way in the beginning rather than holding it over our heads for awkward communication in the middle of the project.

New construction or addition projects are assessed by the scope of work and square footage. We will again provide a fixed fee for the project so you can properly budget for construction and the finishes that you will LOVE!!

For interior room projects, we provide a flat fee as well. Again, it depends on the scope of work, size of the spaces, your expectations, and your budget. It’s imperative we know your budget (don’t worry if you’re unsure, we can help you determine the best budget to fit your needs). We love doing the absolute best job for our clients – the only way to do so is to have open communication about all aspects.

We treat each and every project individually and we start the review process for each project with the consultation. In essence, that 90 minute – 2 hour meeting is our base kickoff for your project. This allows us get a better understanding of your budget, scope of work, how you want engage our services, and we assess the overall project conditions to anticipate the project better. We are constantly asking questions, yes – some personal, to gather as much information as possible to make the process that much easier on all involved.


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